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Special Announcement

Post by Yang Xiao Long on Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:18 am

RWBY Volume 4 is coming out on October 22nd! It's official from RT.

Video of RWBY Volume 4 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcEr4_5YjUg
It is confirmed:
Rooster Teeth confirmed the release date for RWBY Volume 4 as Oct. 22 on its official Twitter account  on Tuesday.  
While details outside of the release date were not present, we were also gifted with a new visual for the upcoming season of the anime series.

Probably the most interesting part of the RWBY Volume 4 visual is how Ruby looks noticeably older. Of course, this could be the artist’s style and mean absolutely nothing for the upcoming season, but considering what happened at the end of season 3, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a time skip or a change to the cast.

Speaking of Volume 3, here’s a quick and simplified recap, with obvious spoiler warnings.
Volume 3 began with the annual Vytal Festival Tournament where our favorite girls, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang going up against the best from the world of Remnant. They were doing great until Cinder and her team had Yang disqualified and worse, teamed up with the White Fang to take over Beacon Academy.

What resulted was a huge battle that left a lot of our favorite characters changed forever. Yang lost her arm in a fight with the White Fang leader. Adam and Pyrrha, the latter of whom was slated to become the new vessel for the Fall Maiden powers, perished in a battle with Cinder, who took the Fall Maiden’s powers for herself. While Beacon defeated the White Fang, Cinder and the Grimm, the teams were splintered in the process.

Yang quit the team after losing her arm, Weiss returned  to Atlas with her father and Blake runs away feeling responsible for what happened to Yang. Meanwhile, Ruby went with Jean, Nora and Ren to find Cinder.

Volume 4 will establish a new status quo for the series and our heroes, and we’ll only have to wait a few short months to see where the next season takes them.

So what do you think will happen in RWBY Volume 4? Sound off in the comments in the next topic which is going to be able to comment.

~Admin Yang


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